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Bespoke Training

We specialise in training and have implemented a wide range of bespoke training programmes for banks, government ministries, public bodies, monetary authorities and treasuries. We have also designed and executed regional training programmes all over the world, including in Latin America, the Caribbean, Middle East, Australasia and the Far East.

While we offer a host of off-the-shelf packages we also provide institutions and firms with bespoke training programmes, tailored to their specific requirements. Projects range from simple training courses for small groups, right through to strategic planning and implementation of training programmes across an entire organisation (to ensure organisation-wide compliance with newly introduced legislation, for example).

To discuss your specific training requirements please contact us.

Stage 1
Identify the gaps - An informal dialogue where we gather information on the nature of your organisation, the possible issues that require training and a set of goals to be achieved. We will then provide you with a summary of the areas in which you may wish to explore training, free of charge, and a proposal for our conducting the training.
Stage 2
Feasibility - We identify the scale and scope of the required training. We examine the topics that need to be covered, the personnel who require training and the best method to deliver the training in each case. (e.g. practical instruction for on-the-ground employees, instructing a legal team, awareness seminars for the Board)
Stage 3
Conducting the training - We believe in effective, experiential learning, where participants are expected to interact and debate with their instructors, role play, divide into groups and work with case studies. The training regime we assemble for you will encompass key elements and ensure that the training is both challenging and enjoyable for the participants.
Stage 4
Assessment - We will assess the performance of all the trainees to demonstrate where there have been improvements in their knowledge, skills and capabilities. We will draw heavily on the material from Stage 2 to show where these improvements will translate to benefits for the organisation. We strongly recommend that there is an assessment after training and that it be commensurate with the level of involvement with the subject matter, the expertise of the individual and their role within the organisation. This may include interviews with our experts, questionnaires to gauge general awareness or formal examination.
Stage 5
Evaluation - We will provide you with a detailed report on how effective the training has been in achieving the goals set out in stage 1. This is a crucial step in ensuring that the programme's effectiveness is measured so that senior management is in a position to quantify their ROI and that areas for any future training are identified.

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