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UK Bribery Act 2010
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"One-Stop-Shop" for the Bribery Act

The UK Bribery Act 2010, which came into force in July 2011, has important ramifications for organisations working in a large number of jurisdictions. The Act has introduced the new corporate offence of "failure to prevent bribery". Breaches carry jail terms for individuals and unlimited fines for companies, both inside and outside the UK. Like the US Foreign and Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the Bribery Act has extra-jurisdictional reach, applying to non-UK companies, companies operating entirely outside the UK, non-UK nationals and offences committed outside the UK.

Public Training Courses

The UK Bribery Act and Your Organisation: a One-Day Course
A thorough overview of how the Act affects your business





In-House Training/Workshops

The International Governance and Risk Institute is equipped to give comprehensive advice and support on the UK Bribery Act 2010. We will ensure you satisfy the new standards, regardless of organisation size, geographic location or jurisdictional framework. Working in-house, we tailor training and consultancy to your specific needs. The following off-the-shelf sessions may help you decide the kind of assistance you require:

  • The UK Bribery Act and Your Organisation: a One-Day Course
  • The Bribery Act 2010 and its implications for your organisation. - a breakfast seminar
  • Redefining Corporate Hospitality - a morning seminar
  • Political Contributions and the Bribery Act
  • The Bribery Act in my Jurisdiction
  • The Bribery Act and SMEs
  • The Bribery Act and Auditors - Internal and External


We also offer advice and detailed consultancy on the implications of the Act. Topics include:

  • Bribery Risk Assessment i) identify areas of high risk, ii) mitigate and respond to those risks
  • Bribery Act Healthcheck - an assessment of your preparations
  • Helpdesk - dedicated support to respond to emergencies/offer advice
  • Fixed-price products for SMEs - delivering specific advice on a budget

To discuss your specific needs, please contact us.

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