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beginning 01/07/2017

GovRisk is supporting the government of Jordan to promote the introduction of UK and international (including OECD) best practices into the Jordanian Government’s delivery of its commitment to promote transparency and accountability.

The project is supporting Jordanian ministries to provide a solid basis for the achievement of institutionalised publication of accounts in public institutions and state-owned enterprises, and will be delivered in two phases – first, consultation and scoping of the existing mechanisms and data to promote international best practices and provide a strategy for institutionalised publication, followed by working through the steering committee members to implement the strategy in practice across the public institutions.

Following consultation on the project’s design at the technical level with all three departments, the project was coordinated through the Ministry of Finance (MoF) as the primary stakeholder and governed by a steering committee with the General Budget Department (GBD), the Jordanian Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission (JIACC),  and the other key stakeholders involved in this work. In this way, the project ensured the policy’s sustained implementation across government departments and state institutions that might otherwise have been resistant to the necessary transparency and disclosure.

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