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Integrity Commission, Port of Spain


beginning 17/08/2010

Programme Agenda


Day 1 - Tuesday 17th August

· What is Forensic Accountancy – scope and skill sets

· Overview of Forensic Accounting techniques

· Overview of Forensic Auditing techniques

· Who is defrauding whom?

· Fundamentals of fraud prevention

· Overview of Bribery & Corruption

· Fraud typologies – an introduction

· Occupational Fraud

· Investment Fraud, Ponzi schemes, Advanced fee Fraud, Prime Bank Instrument Fraud

· Investigating Ponzi schemes, Advanced fee Fraud, Prime Bank Instrument Fraud

· Investigating employee frauds

· Psychology of Fraud and Fraudsters

· Psychology of Fraud Victims

· IT Fraud exposure

· Payroll fraud investigation

· Legal personality risk – consequences for investigation

· Investigating cash theft and cheque fraud

· Investigating Procurement and tendering fraud

· Investigating Inventory & Contract Fraud


Day 2 Wednesday 18th August

· An introduction into accounting systems and vulnerabilities

· The structure of financial records

· Investigating accounting system frauds

· Investigating accounting fraud – loosely controlled accounts

· Financial statement fraud

· Investigating Mortgage fraud

· Identity Theft

· Investigating Banking fraud – Letters of Credit, Prime Bank Instruments

· Investigating IT Fraud

· Investigating asset leasing & factoring fraud

· Case Study on Finance Company fraud

· Investigating insurance fraud

· Establishing a fraud theory

· Handling and preserving evidence

· Working with banks using automated fraud detection techniques

· Dealing with lawyers and auditors during an investigation

· Sources of evidence

· The nature and weight of evidence

· Dealing with deception

· An overall review of investigation techniques

· Case Study on Bank Fraud investigation

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