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beginning 01/06/2017

Armenia's recent legislative reforms represent a moderate but sincere effort to improve integrity in public life. The project, led by GovRisk, aimed to deliver a step-change in the capacity of key agencies involved in tackling corruption, principally amongst these was the Ethics Commission for High Ranking Officials. GovRisk held a series of workshops attended by public officials from a wide variety of Armenian government agencies and civil society organisations. In addition to this, the project identified and engaged local champions to increase the visibility and profile of the Commission and to embed the gains of the project into relevant local institutions during and after the life of the project.

By acting as a technical advisor to the Ministry of Justice and the Commission, GovRisk provided a comprehensive plan for the technical implementation of the new anti-corruption standards arising from the recent legislative reforms in Armenia. Furthermore, GovRisk experts provided in-house support and training to the Commission to ensure its structure, functions and personnel were aligned with its new mandate, and able to fulfil its new role.

Additionally, this project ran training for key government agencies on the new standards, and how these institutions can better support the Commission to fulfil its revised responsibilities. Training was also provided for civil society and media partners to improve the quality of media coverage and to enable them to better monitor the Commission and government against international standards. A high profile dissemination of findings and next steps were organized to further raise the visibility and profile of the Commission and inform its longer term strategy.

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