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Mexico City, Mexico


beginning 15/08/2016

Tackling Corruption by Improving Institutional Capacity to Fulfil Responsibilities under the Reformed Anti-Corruption System in Mexico

In May 2015, Mexico passed a series of significant governance reforms to enhance public sector accountability, transparency and integrity. These measures, which in some cases involved reforms to the country’s Constitution, re-drew the national institutional map to advance the principles in these areas through the creation of the National Anti-Corruption System and the National Transparency System. At the Federal level, this reform greatly strengthened the role and the autonomy of Mexico’s Supreme Audit Institution (Auditoría Superior de la Federación or ASF in Spanish), which investigates and evaluates government spending, including the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government.

GovRisk will be supporting the ASF in; A) the design of a communications strategy that strengthens the impact of ASF audit reports for Congress and; B) the development of a new audit quality control framework, which addresses its evolving mandate. High quality audits are vital for the detection of corruption and to the potential success of ensuing investigations and prosecutions.

Implementing International Best Practices for Whistle-blower Protection in Mexico

Among the reforms that created Mexico’s new National Anti-Corruption System and National Transparency System was the approval of the Organic Law of the Federal Public Administration for Internal Control of the Federal Executive Power. Following this. Mexico’s Ministry of Public Administration (Secretaría de la Función Pública, Mexico – SFP) was provided with the tools and powers to prevent, identify and punish non-serious administrative offences, in order to strengthen the internal control of the Federal Executive, and increase the participation of internal supervisory bodies who depend hierarchically and functionally on the SFP.

In light of these changes, GovRisk will conduct two high-level three-day in-country training programmes to promote best practices for whistleblower protection and the treatment of complaints for their potential implementation in Mexico, so that (complementary Mexico’s new National Anti-Corruption System) citizens and public servants working for institutions within the Executive Branch can be provided with adequate protection for complaints presented to the SFP and the internal control bodies of public institutions.


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