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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


beginning 23/09/2015

Rio de Janeiro, 2015

The considerable growth and commercialisation of the football industry during the past two decades, combined with a number of specific factors, has made the sector increasingly attractive for criminals to launder the proceeds of crime or evade taxation. The mechanisms used are complex and dynamic and all key industry stakeholders must develop the skills, knowledge and practical expertise necessary to cope with the associated risks.

The International Governance and Risk Institute (GovRisk) is proud to present the first ever regional capacity-building programme on this subject. ‘Tackling Money Laundering in the Football Sector: Regional Forum for the Americas and the Caribbean’, will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil between the 23-25 September 2015.

Programme Overview

This innovative event brings together leading industry experts and key stakeholders from across the region to examine the latest strategies and practical measures to combat money laundering & terrorist Financing (ML/TF) in the football sector. It provides a unique opportunity to learn about the latest ML/TF risks affecting the sector, to compare and benchmark prevention and enforcement strategies, discuss issues and share knowledge and solutions.

An in-depth examination of the latest money laundering mechanisms employed by criminals to exploit the sector and a better understanding of how these groups act to circumvent controls will enable participants to identify weaknesses or loopholes in their existing prevention systems. The case studies and typologies presented are based on the personal experience of internationally renowned experts who have worked in this area for many years in different countries and regions of the world.

Participants will also gain knowledge, and share their information and experiences on the development and practical application of the latest initiatives, which have been applied in the region, but also more broadly, with the aim of reducing the opportunities for ML and TF in the sector. Special attention will be paid to best practices developed by key stakeholders in countries that have enacted regulatory reforms requiring professional football clubs to implement AML/CTF systems.

The combination of seminars, panel sessions and workshops have been designed to bring together different stakeholders groups to engage on broader cross-cutting issues, while enabling smaller and more targeted sessions, allowing participants to examine in greater depth the skills, knowledge and practical expertise most applicable to their organisation.


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