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São Paulo, Brazil


beginning 01/04/2014

The United Kingdom is an expert in application of transparency measures in the public and private spheres, especially targeting open data management and corruption fighting. This supports to improve the business environment in country. GovRisk looks to take UK expertise in this field and apply it to support the implementation of the current transparency plan of São Paulo State. GovRisk’s programme in Brazil will include improving the amount and quality open data available as a tool for civil business and civil society use and applying efficient anti-corruption measures, feeding in the SP decree which guides the implementation of the federal anti-corruption law.

With the recent passing of three laws that foster transparency: the Brazilian Transparency Law (Lei Complementar 131/2009), the Brazilian Freedom of Information Law (Lei de Acesso à Informação – Lei 12.527/2011) and the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law (Lei de Responsabilização da Pessoa Jurídica – Lei 12.846/2013), it creates the opportunity for the Brazilian government, especially in São Paulo State, Brazil’s corporate centre, to implement and improve transparency programmes with the assistance of UK expertise.

For more information please contact our UK Secretariat.

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