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Miami, Florida


beginning 12/11/2014

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The gaming sector has experienced tremendous growth worldwide as different jurisdictions adapt to legislative changes (such as whole countries legalising gaming for the first time) and emerging technologies such as mobile gaming. Regulators worldwide face huge challenges to move in step with innovations in technology fostering growth and reaping the benefits whilst managing the risks within an effective regulatory framework. Casino operators and their key staff such as floor managers, security officers and compliance officers face an ever-evolving regulatory landscape and the daunting challenge of striking a balance between adhering to the latest regulations whilst maintaining competitiveness in a very energetic sector.

The gaming picture in the Caribbean varies from sophisticated, established jurisdictions to emerging jurisdictions and countries where gambling is prohibited. Even in those jurisdictions where gambling is proscribed, there is often pressure for the rules to be relaxed to curb the activities of illegal gaming parlours or “web shops”. It is therefore vital that countries and gaming operators understand the latest regulatory standards, share knowledge and expertise and keep up-to-date with rapidly-changing developments. The risks are sanctions, censure, and license withdrawal: the benefits are dynamic markets, new opportunities and stable, responsible governance.

This programme, therefore, helps regional officials and casino operators across the Caribbean and the Americas face the multitude of challenges in the sector. It is a tremendous opportunity to train, network and learn whilst at the same time enjoying the sights and sounds of Miami, Florida.

Sessions will be led by experts in gaming, regulation, cybercrime and security with regional and international expertise.

Particularly relevant for:

Casino directors and managers
Money laundering reporting officers
Gaming regulators
Internal and external auditors
Compliance officers
Law enforcement officers
International firms seeking access to emerging gaming markets


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