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GovRisk currently offers a wide variety of consultancy services in areas including financial crime prevention, anti-money laundering and terrorism financing, risk management, compliance, electronic protection and security, integrity and ethics, and corruption prevention.

Each project is led by one of our team of consultants, who all have direct practical experience working for central banks, multi-lateral bodies, law enforcement, electronic fraud prevention and detection agencies, government ministries, financial intelligence units or crisis management teams.

Consultancy programmes are always tailored to the specific needs of our clients. To discuss your requirements further we encourage you to contact our secretariat. However, as an overview of the kind of services we offer, a small selection of our projects is provided below.


  • Organisational Compliance: Anti-Money Laundering, Corruption and Bribery

    GovRisk offers a suite of tailored solutions to manage money laundering, corruption and bribery risks related to your organisation’s operations. These include assessments to identify areas of high risk and recommend steps to address these; ‘health checks’ to evaluate the adequacy of anti-corruption procedures; and helpdesk services to advise on organisational challenges and incident response.
  • Fraud Risk Reviews and Investigations

    For internal frauds in both commercial and public entities GovRisk provides consultants to either lead or advise on investigation / asset recovery efforts. Reviews often result in financial savings, directly or through loss prevention, and have led to the detection of major fraud, Intellectual Property theft, regulatory non-compliance and other potential issues.
  • Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Mutual Evaluation Preparation

    Unfavourable results from FATF evaluations have significant negative implications for FDI levels in a country by raising compliance costs. GovRisk consultants used for this programme, all of whom have previously held senior positions in FATF evaluation missions, can substantially increase the chances of a positive assessment outcome by reviewing legal frameworks and anti-corruption procedures and processes, and suggesting reforms, prior to the evaluation.   
  • (Please note that such services are provided by way of independent advice, and are entirely separate from the Mutual Evaluation process. While many GovRisk experts have experience of FATF processes and evaluations, GovRisk does not have a working relationship with the FATF.)
  • Centralisation of Procurement Management

    Centralising management and supervision of procurement functions can dramatically increase the efficiency of tender processes and generate substantial savings for host governments. GovRisk has assisted such reforms in Latin America, by providing procurement oversight agencies with technical assistance on establishing master procurement agreements and developing centralised electronic purchasing facilities.
  • Expert Witnesses

    Civil and criminal legal proceedings relating to fraud and other financial crimes are highly complex, and require expert testimony to explain key criminal typologies and underlying concepts. GovRisk provides expert witnesses able to authoritatively discuss every kind of financial crime in such scenarios. This allows legal teams to convincingly demonstrate those aspects of their case deemed most vital for securing favourable rulings.


In addition to the above, we also offer integrated training and consultancy packages in a number of other areas. Please see our programme streams page or contact our UK-based secretariat for further information.


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